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In recent years, with the concept of supply chain management as the guide, the Group has been providing high-quality raw material supply services for domestic steel & iron, coal, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metal and other production industries. Bulk commodity trading has ranked the leading role in the industry. The main bulk commodities are resource products such as billet, coal, coke, pig iron, and iron ore powder. The business of cotton, cotton yarn and chemical fiber also has considerable scale.

The Group has obtained rapid development in the import business, especially the import business of resource commodities, and has achieved a new pattern from a single variety to a comprehensive series and from importing from a few countries to purchasing in multiple countries. The group has established overseas companies in Peru of South America, Congo and Sudan of Africa, Indonesia and Philippine of Southeast Asia, and other regions to provide comprehensive support for import business. Currently, the types of commodities imported mainly include chrome ore, manganese ore, gold concentrate, copper concentrate, electrolytic cobalt, cobalt concentrate and chemical products. The Group holds certificates of importing type-II and III large-scale medical equipment. The main imported products involve mechanical equipment, medical equipment, various instruments and apparatuses of universities and scientific research institutions, automobiles and other products.

Jiangsu Sainty Hantang Trading Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Hantang Group, is a comprehensive trading enterprise with import and export trade as its main business. Its customers come from Europe, America, Japan, Australia and other countries. Its exported products involve textiles, clothes, home appliances and hardware tools. While expanding and strengthening the original foreign trade import and export business, the company has been actively participating in domestic trade, especially in the raw material and energy industries that support the economic development of China, and has achieved remarkable results.

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