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Chongqing Chuanyu Mining Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hantang Group, specializes in the mining and primary processing of carbonate-type barium ore, and owns the main core vein of barium ore resources in Chengkou County, Chongqing. The barium ore resources controlled by the company exceed 30 million tons, the ore grade can reach more than 85%, and the average grade is 60%.

The carbonate-type barium deposits in Chengkou County of Chongqing are the barium resources with the largest proven reserves in the world, the highest grade, and the best processing and smelting property. They belong to the rare minerals in nature. The company is beginning to formulate a plan and is proposed to build a base that covers series barium salt industry, barium salt refinement and new material industrialization, based on the carbonate-type barium ore resources in Chengkou County. After the goal of the plan is reached, it is expected to realize annual production and sales volume of more than 300,000 tons in barium salt industry, barium salt refinement and new material products, and the company is expected to develop into a high-growth enterprise.

In addition, Hantang Group exerts its own advantages to actively exploit overseas mineral resource projects. In March 2011, the Group signed a “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Anhui Geology and Mining Overseas Investment Co., Ltd. to engage in Peru mining industry development. Later, Hantang Group and Fuda Mining SA (Fuda Mining Co., Ltd.), a wholly-owned subsidiary in Peru of Anhui Geology and Mining, negotiated with Peruvian Origen Group S.A.C. on the acquisition of Pampa Colorada iron ore rights in northern Peru. In 2012, both investment parties completed all acquisition procedures of Origen Group S.A.C. with 70% shares held by Hantang Group.

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